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Tips To Prevent An Acne Breakout From Halloween Makeup

Putting on scary face makeup can be great fun for Halloween – just remember to take care of your skin during the spooky holiday. To avoid the frustration of a skin breakout, Dr. Hilary Baldwin offers the following tips on what to use or avoid during this Halloween season: If you decide to use face […]

27, October, 2016Dr. Hilary Baldwin0 Comments

Twins Day Festival Provides Unique Research Opportunity for Acne Treatment & Research Center

Each year since 1976, the world’s largest gathering of identical and fraternal twins takes place in the aptly named Twinsburg, OH. Families from across the U.S. attend Twins Day Festival for a few days of games, events, music, contests, and seeing double. Researchers also enthusiastically attend with questionnaires and recruiting materials in hand to better […]

20, October, 2016Dr. Hilary Baldwin0 Comments

Is Whey Protein Causing Your Acne?

There are several studies that indicate that whey protein make acne worse and actually may cause acne. Dr. Hilary Baldwin, Medical Director at the Acne Treatment and Research Center notes that “In my practice, I have seen whey protein prevent patients’ acne from getting better while on conventional acne therapy. Once we have discontinued whey […]


Compassion for Acne Patients

Guest Post by Erin Murphy: “If hating my skin could clear acne, I’d have glowing skin by now so please love yourself through it if you can.” I found myself reiterating this message over and over again to my little cousins with acne in hopes that their path to self-compassion towards their skin would be […]


Acne Treatment & The Transgender Community

Some new insight in a recent article in Dermatology News explains how iPLEDGE classification for transgender patients can be challenging. Some of the patient considerations include changing hormone levels and childbearing potential. Patients who wish to take isotretinoin, one of the most common acne treatments, are subject to the requirements of the iPLEDGE Program, a federally […]