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Medical Services

Acne Treatment

Dr. Baldwin specializes in acne and rosacea treatment and spends time learning about the whole patient including diet, stress level, mental and emotional health in addition to the skin examination. Specific treatments include:
· Medical Therapy
· Acne Facials
· Dietary Evaluation
· Stress Reduction Techniques
· Blackhead Laser Removal
· Scar Repair
· Supplements
· Photographic Follow-up
· Brown Spots Removal

Cosmetic Dermatology

Our cosmetic dermatology practice, which includes multiple lasers, provides a multitude of options for patients to improve and maintain youthful skin. Procedures include:
· Laser Hair Removal
· Treatment of Red Spots
· Chemical Peels
· Ultraviolet Skin Aging and Sun Damage Evaluation
· Botox and Fillers
· Spider Veins Treatment
· Treatment of Brown Spots
· Medical & Esthetic Facials

Medical Dermatology

While you may not have acne, there are many other skin conditions that our medical dermatology practice can guide you through. Specific areas treated include:
· Rosacea
· Psoriasis
· Eczema
· Warts
· Vitiligo
· Melisma
· Skin Cancer Screenings
· Removal of Benign Skin Growths Including Moles, Skin Tags, Warts, Cysts

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